The fact that you just got emotional and had to scrape for excuses also made you less intelligent. YOU THINK he rightly assumed. I would and have done the same thing he did probably and have done in some situations but had better results. It doesn't mean I wasn't stupid or reckless because it could have ended much worse for me and in any case, the story is painting a different picture than the one that NBC took upon themselves to alter. If you had a grasp of basic reading comprehension, I said BOTH people could have made better choices i.e - Trayvon could have called police himself, he could have been diplomatic with Zimmerman and waited for the cops to show up, he could have caused some noise to get people to see what's going on, and Zimmerman could have left it to the cops or stayed home and stuffed his face to an episode of Beretta. Did the fat idiot deserve the humbling he got from a kid?- yeah. Did the kid make the right choice in proving he's a hardass by jumping the guy?...obviously not because he's dead as a result


it's not so much poorly understood as it was just simply implemented beyond half-assed. It really feels like they rushed to come up with a gimmick and then put 0-thought into everything else about the system. It feels like when I was a lazy dope in grade-school, didn't do my project on time, bought myself a few extra days and then still procrastinated. I think it's about time that Nintendo got a wake-up slap in the face and people stopped giving them a free pass on reviews, because let's face it - it's like they ran out of ideas long ago. It's like they receive the gaming-version of affirmative action